Co-Working Space in Kent

Why Co-Working?

Co-Working was coined back in 2005, when Spiral Muse independent working space was opened by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco. Neuberg wanted to have the freedom and independence of working for himself, whilst maintaining the sort of structure and community you get when working for or with others. It was around a similar time that co-working spaces opened up in cities in the UK, like London & Manchester.

Co-working fosters a culture of creativity and allows members to thrive off one-another’s knowledge and experience. Younger professionals and those who experienced the remote working revolution of the Covid-19 era are more at home working somewhere other than the traditional office environment, but still want to make friends with people at work, and tend to value a diversity of co-workers

For those looking for flexibility in their work life, and a sense of community, co-working really does offer substantial advantages over working from home or a small home office, and a distinct workplace from which to be productive and successful. 

More affordable than you might think… 

We can all picture the scene. No longer working from the office, but in need of the ability to compartmentalise home and work life. So, you venture to the local coffee shop, with their free WiFi, buzz and (most importantly) coffee supply.

But, you soon find the buzz distracting, and when you total up your receipts from the day, you discover you’ve spent over £10 for the privilege.

Co-Working Desks
Coffee on Tap

Picture doing this for more than a few days a week, and the sheen soon wears off (not to mention the expense).

WonderHub’s co-working space gives you a collaborative and professional atmosphere, along with the much-desired tea, coffee and super-fast WiFi supply required to stay productive from less than £3.40 per day!

WonderHubs exist to deliver lasting change.

Whether an established endeavour, or a scaling success, your workspace should be more than just somewhere to put your laptop and get the graft done. It should motivate you. Inspire you. And support you in taking your business to the next level.

Facilities & Location

Comfortable workspaces are a must in any coworking development, and we have this a-plenty. However, additional features including the lightning fast Wi-Fi, professional meeting room, clean and well-stocked communal coffee areas, showers and even our own Media Studio make The WonderHub really stand out from the crowd as somewhere to nurture you personally, as well as professionally.

In addition to the environment, our locations are ideal too. The first WonderHub in Maidstone is just a few minutes walk from Maidstone East & Maidstone West Train Stations, enabling you to be in London in an hour or less, whilst the town centre location also affords residents fantastic access to nearby businesses, shops, restaurants and bars.

Beautiful coworking space
WonderHub Cool Decor

A Beautiful Space



At the WonderHub, we’re more than just an isolated community of businesses, we’re truly integrated into the wider local business community. We’ve partnered with a selection of nominated businesses to offer mutually beneficial rates and discounts on a range of products and services, exclusive to WonderHub residents.

Stormfront Partner
Buenos Aires

What’s Happening?

A Warm Welcome To Rapid Energy!

A Warm Welcome To Rapid Energy!

Wishing a very warm welcome to the Rapid Energy team, who have taken residence in a dedicated office at The WonderHub this week. Check them out

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Keeping each other safe during COVID19

Keeping each other safe during COVID19

To make sure all our WonderHub users are on the same page about how to use our premises during the pandemic, we ask that any visitors and all users ensure that they are aware of, and are following the below. As you may know, there are varying degrees of how cautious...

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COVID19 – PPE For the WonderHub

COVID19 – PPE For the WonderHub

As our Government calls the UK to go back to work - for those who can, and carry on business as [un]usual, many businesses including ourselves are ensuring appropriate PPE is installed for the safety of our occupants and future visitors. We are reopening WonderHub for...

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The WonderHub Co-Working and Office Space is located at: WonderHub, Sunley House, 14-19 Middle Row, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1TG

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