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1. Together again. 

“Isolation is the physical separation from other people, while loneliness is an emotional state of feeling alone or separated…The two are tightly associated but not the same thing. Loneliness is strongly associated with high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, immune stress responses, and declining cognition. From a mental health perspective, we see much more depression and anxiety among the lonely.” – Brewer

After a long period of social distancing, no doubt you’ll be craving human interaction. Even in joining calls with friends, family, and clients, nothing can replace being there, physically present with people. The mental health struggle has been real for many, especially those who are not used to being alone and are extroverted and therefore need people to recharge.
Maybe it’s time to think about joining a coworking space to fill up that love tank, and not be alone anymore.

2. Internet

Maybe you’re a video editor, a graphic designer or animator and maybe you’ve found yourself shouting at the inanimate “Internet problems BE GONE!” Coworking spaces have the benefit of fast working wifi to cater for the onsite demand. Emphasis on working wifi. Here at WonderHub, we have fast fibre wifi available meaning no more calling up those phone companies in the middle of the day to try and fix your wifi when you really needed to win that pitch or get those things on your list done!

3. Our programmes:
Perks of being part of our unique entrepreneur focused membership

As we have an inhouse Digital Marketing Agency, and growth engine – Wonderful regularly hosts a number of events and workshops at discounted prices for those signed up with us. There to see your business grow, ask the hard questions, and promote businesses in Maidstone, you’ll want to be taking advantage of these opportunities to soak in the wisdom they have to offer.

4. Networking

The nature of coworking spaces is that they have many different business sectors crossing paths that normally wouldn’t. This creates unique opportunities to connect with businesses organically and has the potential to create new fresh ideas and partnerships. Paired with the programmes aforementioned, who knows what sparks may fly!

5. Your own space without the distractions of home

Regardless of whether you opt for a Coffee Lounge Membership or a dedicated office space, you will no doubt have many less distractions i.e. the washing, the kitchen (food), the dog, the children, the mail… and the plethora of procrastination you can concoct! The environment is set up for a heads-down, get your work done vibe.

6. Discounts from local businesses 

We’re all about supporting local businesses in Maidstone. One of the reasons why we exist as WonderHub,  is to promote businesses and help them not just ‘get past the first 3 years’ but to grow and thrive. Part of this is partnering with local businesses to ensure we’re spreading the love, and endorsing our local businesses such as Buenos Aires Nights and Stormfront.

7. Productivity

Research by professor Alan Hedge concluded that “Workers in daylit office environments reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, which can detract from productivity.”

Our beautiful spaces have plenty of sunlight. If you or your employees have been struggling with motivation in the last little while, having been stuck in a not very well-lit office or ‘remote working’ space, consider us for a boost in productivity!

8. Flexible working hours 

With flexible working hours comes the ability to fit your schedule around picking up the kids from school, errands, appointments and so on. Come in as often as you like to fit around your schedule, your office space will be right here waiting for you!

9. Community 

Sometimes people want to avoid cold calling, cold meetings and cold emails. Being part of a community is that it allows for organic relationships to be formed. There are people who are natural connectors, but for some it’s a little harder to get yourself out there. We will regularly host community socials alongside our business programmes to facilitate this. Why not join the community and get introduced!

10. Cost effective 

With coworking spaces, there are many payment and contract options out there to choose from. This means that you have the ability to pick and choose what will work for you based on your business budget making it more affordable than renting traditional office space.
Joining a coworking space can maximize your income-producing hours.

At WonderHub you won’t have to pay utility bills as it’s all covered by the coworking space. Service providers and repairs are also taken care of! Did you know that we include business rates in our membership too?

Comparing our coffee lounge membership with a certain coffee shop chain for a whole day, you’d spend at least £5 per day on drinks. If you did this every working day of May, you’d spend £105. With our Coffee Lounge Membership costing only £100 a month, we have unlimited coffee, safe office access, clean toilets and showers! Not to mention all the networking and business growth perks mentioned above – it is definitely a bargain!

So, why not consider us when all lockdown is lifted? Visit check out our pricing and book a tour!