As our Government calls the UK to go back to work – for those who can, and carry on business as [un]usual, many businesses including ourselves are ensuring appropriate PPE is installed for the safety of our occupants and future visitors. We are reopening WonderHub for current occupants at this time, and hope that soon we will have beaten the curve, and done our bit to keep those within our reach, safe. The following is what we have implemented on the premises in line with government social distancing rules.

Interior WonderHub community area with seating and kitchen To ensure that our WonderHub occupants are safe during this time, we have put in place PPE and signage across our premises according to government advice. In each kitchen, we have placed signage to remind users to wash hands regularly, and that only 2 are to use the kitchen at a time.

flamingo and chair demonstrating covid safety measuresSignage and waiting points for all WonderHub occupants and visitors (and posties) to adhere to have been placed in the foyer, and floors 1-3 where there is the most footfall. We have waiting points on every landing in the event that more than one person is travelling the stairwell and may need space to pass.

no touch exit button featureWe have installed a sensor to replace our previous green exit button for our main entrance.

hand sanitiser dispenser Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed on each of the landings to use before entering a floor, as well as a couple between coworking spaces and dedicated offices.

Have questions about how we go about COVID19 measures? Please see our policy here, or feel free to shoot across any queries or concerns to [email protected]