“More than simply positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, one with a sense of meaning and deep contentment.” – Psychologytoday.com

The mind is our control centre! What we think, so we become.

Whether we’re having a swell time in life, to finding that we have to adjust due to unforeseen circumstances *cough* (COVID) *cough* we can “…learn to manage our mind, we can handle whatever life throws our way, the good, the bad and the ugly, and maintain our mental and physical wellbeing.” – (Dr Leaf).


person writing in notebook surrounded by electric devices
So, despite where we may find ourselves in this present situation, here are some key things to do to celebrate International Day of Happiness, maintain a positive outlook on life, find a piece of ‘contentment’ where you are right now, and reconnect with your ‘meaning in life’.

1. Practice thankfulness – write down 1 thing you’re grateful for everyday!
2. Redesign your thought – What’s that? When you “choose to see a situation or experience differently, and give yourself a new way of understanding it” – (Dr Leaf)
3. Practice self-regulation! Observe your words, actions, thoughts and change them.
“The person’s reality affects his actions.” – (Lee Kuan Yew Fellow and professor of psychology)

4. Exercise – to help you stay physically, and mentally healthy! Check out these stats here by the NHS. “Endorphins are “feel-good” chemicals released through exercising, your body will also produce serotonin, norepinephrine, BDNF and dopamine – the reward chemical. The combination of these five chemicals will boost your mood, and have been proved to help to relieve both anxiety and depression.” (fitnesseducation.edu.au)

5. Take a break from Social Media – Yes, I said it. Sometimes you need to put away all the ‘loud noises’ of your phone, media, and everything that’s trying to vie for your attention and focus on breathing, hobbies, and spending time with who matters in your life – family/calling your besties.

After all, there is some positive news emerging that we can turn our thoughts on:

For example:

  • Venice’s forever polluted canals have cleared up for the first time in years (even dolphins and swans have turned up a week after lock down!)

  • China has closed its coronavirus temporary hospital as there were not enough new cases to support them

  • Patients are being successfully treated in India!

  • A 103 year old grandmother in china has made a full recovery

  • Medical researchers around the world are working hard on vaccines and cures and we’re hearing of more and more positive results!

So from us at WonderHub, Happy International Day of Happiness! Stay safe, positive and Happy