Happy new year one and all!

Hui Dogget, WonderHub community manager

Can you believe 2020 is already well underway? As the new year has already begun, many have been going about planning important goals that will see their personal and professional lives take flight. My name is Hui, and I’ve just come on board as Wonderhub’s Community Manager – my fresh start for the year! I’m looking forward to meeting you all and watching as our unique community grows and changes as more businesses start to move into their WonderHub spaces this year. No doubt you’ll see me running about the building doing bits and bobs, don’t be afraid to say hi!

scale or fail goal planning event banner


As mentioned earlier, setting goals is an important part of getting the most out of our 2020 time, we have a few spaces left in our FREE upcoming ‘Scale or fail- goal planning’ event. Sign up here: Scale Or Fail Goal Planning Event


floorplan for WonderHub floor 2


In just 8 weeks, we saw most of our WonderHub spaces booked up. If you didn’t get around to booking a space with us and still wanted to explore our membership options, we still have available:

Coffee lounge memberships
Take a look here to see what’s included in this membership package. If you’d like to have a look at the space we have to offer, you can book a tour with us to get a better feel for how your business could fit in our community.

Dedicated office spaces: 
The dedicated office spaces are exactly that – spaces you can make your own. You can see on the above floorplan W1 and W2 that are still available for rent. For pricing click here
• One 10 person front office space (W1)
• One 7 person office space (W2)

If you have any queries about the available memberships, upcoming events or anything WonderHub related, you can contact me at [email protected]


Have a fantastic week!