To make sure all our WonderHub users are on the same page about how to use our premises during the pandemic, we ask that any visitors and all users ensure that they are aware of, and are following the below.

As you may know, there are varying degrees of how cautious people are during this COVID19 pandemic, but we please ask that all tenants be respectful of everyone’s feelings towards social distancing during this time. Below are our safety/social distancing rules on using the space ( please relay with your teams and visitors).

1. Please use hand sanitizer when entering the premises
2. Wash hands regularly (for 20 seconds)
3. Please maintain 2m social distance with other users in the WonderHub.
4. When traveling the stairwell please maintain a minimum distance of 1m with others, and call up or down the stairwell when traveling to alert others so they can prepare themselves.
5. When having lunch breaks please try and stagger them so as to avoid lots of people having lunch in one area. Our policy is that only 2 people are in the kitchen (within the pink marked floor lines) at a time.
6. Please make use of the dishwasher, we have purposely tried to refrain from providing things in the kitchen that could transfer germs. Let Hui know if you need any help with this (Floor 1 ).
7. If you have any visitors please Notify Hui on floor 1 for check-in.
8. Any masks used on public transport that need to be disposed of should be disposed of in the bin located at the entrance.
9. Masks provided downstairs are for visitors only, each individual occupant is responsible for their own PPE outside of the premises
10. Any tables used (Coffee Lounge members) are to be wiped down with the antibacterial wipes provided after use.

If there is a COVID19 case found within WonderHub

In the event that you or someone you have been in contact with, has symptoms of/or has contracted COVID19, and you have been into the WonderHub premesis since contact:

1. As a WonderHub Occupant, you have a duty of care to notify centre management immediately ([email protected] and [email protected]), and we will close the WonderHub with immediate effect.

2. We will then require all occupants of the WonderHub to self-isolate for a 14 day period before returning to the premises. We will reopen the premises only after that 14 day period. We will conduct a full steam clean and sanitisation of the premises for our safe return.

COVID19 spikes within the UK

If there is a second spike in the UK and the government calls us to work remotely again, we will:

1. Honor the government request and close the WonderHub until safe to reopen.

2. Ask that you do not visit the WonderHub until we reopen our doors.

3. Contracts – we will be in contact to discuss contract payments

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Let’s beat this thing together!

Hui Doggett
Community Manager