To our Occupants of Sunley 1, WonderHub

Today, in such uncertain times, planning and preparedness are watchwords that will enable us to consider how we can safely repopulate offices and workplaces in the coming months Sunley 1 is committed to looking at ways that we can provide a safe and secure environment for your staff as and when we do return.

We have been looking at a range of ways that will enable us to prepare our Clients for post-COVID-19 recovery. The virus will dictate when we can all eventually safely return to some degree of normality and whilst we believe it will be a phased and gradual process, the time to prepare is now, and we plan to be as well positioned as possible to lead the way.

Consequently, we are drafting protocols for occupiers to consider/use as we begin planning the transition back to the workplace. This effort will build on best practices from around the world, liaising with global contacts who have had earlier experiences of moving companies and workers back into their buildings following easing of the movement restrictions pertinent to each location. We have outlined a range of possible workplace solutions below to kick-start the process of considering which of them and in what form we could employ them, as well as enabling you to begin drafting similar for the demised office locations.

  1. The ongoing observance of social distancing (SD) protocols.

  2. Maintaining a 2M zone in communal areas, compliant with SD procedures.

  3. The use of staircases – ensuring that SD is observed and those using the stairs are given ample space to pass safely.

  4. The adoption of one in/one out queuing at the entrance.

  5. Avoiding communal touchpoints, such as the stair-case handrail, and washing hands for 20 seconds after using door handles.

  6. Signage indicating 2 metre separation intervals in reception areas, corridors, bathrooms, and staircases etc.

  7. The use of face masks if necessary

  8. Utilising flexible commuting times for staff.

  9. Heightened hygiene regimes for desks, kitchenettes, crockery and cutlery in staff social areas.

  10. Meeting room etiquette.

The above list is neither final nor exhaustive but we feel it prudent to start to think about being ready to repopulate when the government advice does change. What we anticipate is it will prompt some degree of critical thinking and planning to enable all of us to have a smooth transition back to work when the time comes. Given that any protocols we implement will need to be discussed and agreed with you in advance, your respective Occupier Services Manager will be contacting you shortly to discuss the options for your individual building.

I also wanted to personally reassure you that we are working to facilitate as seamless a transition as possible under whatever limitations the circumstances may allow.

Lastly, please find a link below to the “6ft Office” which provides some insight as to what the future of offices is likely to look like in the short to medium term.